In 1925 Statesboro’s Chamber of Commerce was organized as it is known today. Having evolved from a “Board of Trade” in 1915 with a dues structure of $5 per year (payable in semi-annual installments of $2.50), the Board of Trade was apparently a one-hit wonder with a Dollar Day activity in October that both culminated and ended its activity.

A few years later, in the fall of 1921, The Statesboro Advertising Club organized. Changing its name to the “Statesboro Chamber of Commerce” in 1925 and adopting a slogan of “Where Nature Smiles,” the Chamber ended its fledgling stage and continued to thrive as it does today. Walter McDougald holds the distinction of being the Chamber’s first president. Coincidentally, Mr. McDougald is credited as author of the aforementioned slogan.

The Chamber’s office was first established in Siebald Street in 1950, moving later to North Main, then to 323 South Main and, finally, in 1991 settled into the former residence of Harry W. Smith’s family at 102 South Main.