Water & Utilities

The City of Statesboro offers water service and tap service to its natural gas lines. Garbage pickup services, including recycling, is available in the city.

According to the City, the raw water supply of Statesboro's drinking water is from the Floridan Aquifer, a limestone formation running under the entire county and extends south. Raw water is withdrawn from the Floridan Aquifer utilizing six active deep wells. Water Treatment consists of chlorination (disinfection), fluoridation (children's teeth and bones), and phosphate (iron and corrosion control). This treatment takes place at each well site.

The county has 16 recycling centers, including electronics recycling. For more detailed information on these centers, locations and hours, visit  http://www.keepbullochbeautiful.org or http://www.bullochcounty.net/departments/enviromanager.htm.