Target Industries

Statesboro and Bulloch County is home to a diverse group of industries across a wide number of sectors. Our educational institutions also modify their curriculums to meet the needs of several key industries in Bulloch County. 


Logistics & Transportation

Bulloch County is located very near the intersection of north-south and east-west travel in the U.S. with a major interstate (I-16) running through it. In addition, Bulloch County is just 40 minutes from the Port of Savannah.  In fact, nearly 21,000 companies throughout all 50 states rely on the deepwater ports in Savannah and Brunswick and export to 153 out of 195 countries across the globe.  All of this makes Bulloch County a natural launching point from which people and products are quickly transported via air, ground and ocean among the Americas, Europe and Asia.



Innovative companies with high-growth potential gain the competitive edge when they come to Bulloch County.  Agribusiness contributes a $56.7 billion impact to Georgia’s economy, and connects companies involved in every sector of the industry, from agriculture and manufacturing, organics, renewable fuel biomass production, packaging and distribution, and technology-based solutions.  Bulloch County is rich in natural resources, with favorable climates and long growing seasons.  It’s connection to the Port of Savannah gives an advantage to industries wanting access to global markets. 



Bulloch County is quickly becoming a location of choice for manufacturers, from food processing to textiles, metal projects and transportation equipment such as the recent addition of Great Dane. The benefit many manufacturers are seeing is that Bulloch County sits in the crossroads of those supply lines just 40 minutes from the Port of Savannah.



Companies looking to manufacture, supply or serve the aerospace industry need not look farther than Bulloch County.  Georgia boasts more than 500 firms that perform all facets of aerospace: original equipment manufacturers (OEM); maintenance, repair and overhaul companies (MRO); and global aircraft fleet operations.  Perhaps there are none greater however, than Gulfstream Aerospace located just 30 minutes away.  Bulloch Country represents an extraordinary opportunity for aerospace suppliers to not only operate with Gulfstream, but to operate in close proximity and upply other OEM's, MRO’s and use the Port of Savannah.



The engine behind much of the manufacturing in the region starts in Bulloch County with machinery manufacturing, fabrication and tool/die companies.  If your company is looking for a vendor/supplier rich environment and relies on these relationships, you will be pleased to find the kind of capabilities that already exist here. 


Warehousing and Distribution

World-class infrastructure and location naturally have an enormous affect on the ability to move goods around the nation and the globe.  Bulloch County and its proximity to the Port of Savannah make it home to transportation companies and state of the art facilities alike.

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